I am so grateful for the voice that this series of blogs has given me to release my dreams about gardening.

Several years ago… there was beginner’s luck. I had tomatoes on top of tomatoes on top of tomatoes on top of tomatoes. Everything else that I tried to plant that year bloomed and flourished. It was great.

Since then… failure upon failure.

Either the climactic growing seasons and rain requirements were not garden friendly… Or my personal time was used on other things that I desired more… and the garden wilted and died. Often the growing season for weeds seemed to be far more friendly to my soil conditions than the growing nutrients needed for my veggies.

But, now that I talk about my garden- as if it is a real, living, and breathing being- even though it is still in empty containers and packed soil bundles… Life feels good. I have a voice… and I plan no longer to just beat rocks together… I am going to be a gardening rock star!

Written for The Daily Post: March 30. Voice


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