Dueling Banjos was not creating or even first played on this day, but its composer/writer was birthed on this day in 1921. Arthur Smith, best known for the theme tune from Deliverance was the rightful writer of the song which was made famous by the Warner Brothers’ movie. This song is the reason I have tried to master (not successfully) the banjo.

Below is a clip from Hee-Haw and two of my favorite country music musicians as a kid.



DISCLAIMER: I have never seen the movie Deliverance, but after watching this clip, I plan to watch it. I had the clip from Deliverance posted, but the movie was Rated -R. I use my blog for my classroom, therefore any inappropriate things are avoided.

Written for Reminiscing the Arts: April 1st. 


3 thoughts on “DUELING BANJOS …. APRIL 1st

  1. Ummm yeah…. Deliverance is a dark trip of a movie …. definitely adult content …. but it is a classic. And if you are a sensitive type, you just might walk away with nightmares, or at the very least, very very unsettled.

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