Being an adventurous person is a magnificent way to pursue life…

Following in the footsteps of others can be just as rewarding.


I want to give a supreme shout out to all of you who have already assisted me with many clarifying ideas about my new patio garden. I am sure that there are still mistakes that I will make this spring, but I will have a much better chance of success because of so many followers offering their skill-sets!

Thank You!


To The Chronicles of an Anglo-Swiss:  I love reading your daily reminisces. They almost always give a thought top ponder or a great chuckle. Your wise words are my appreciated.

To Knotholes and Textures: Your preciseness in your responses allowed me to zero in on many of my questions.

To Beautiful Words: Your words of encouragement and wonder are always appreciated!


Written for The Daily Post: March 26th. Footsteps

I'd love to hear from you. It's nice to know other people are out there.

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