“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”… March 23



Today, March 23rd, Patrick Henry stood before the Virginia Convention and spoke. After the words “Give me liberty or give me death,” rang out over the convention members, there were what seemed several minutes of silence. The Convention members then voted. It was agreed that Virginia, one of the preeminent colonies of the New World, would give troops to embolden the fight for liberty against England.

In correspondence written by Thomas Marshall (who was in attendance) to his son John Marshall, who later became Chief Justice of the United States… this speech was “one of the most bold, vehement, and animated pieces of eloquence that had ever been delivered.”

Also in attendance at the 1775 Virginia Convention to hear Patrick Henry were Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

Patrick Henry’s boldness to stand apart from the ‘safe’ crowd and state what is good but not necessarily popular has always been a guiding principle for me.


Written for Reminiscing the Arts: March 23rd. 


8 thoughts on ““Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”… March 23

      1. There’s still a great deal of historical places. Monticello, the Hermitage (Andrew Jackson’s home) and Beauvior (Jefferson Davis’ last home)are my favorites. Left as historic places and not much added interpretation

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