The Fight of the Summer


Weeds… I hate them.

I hate them with extreme prejudice!

I lose to them every year!

This year, I have made an all-out commitment.


This year… BE PUT ON NOTICE! Dandelions, crabgrass, nutsedge, and quack grass… Your days are numbered!

My garden is now high and dry.

You cannot reach it!


I am allowed to use whatever measures I deem necessary to rid my lawn of you… you dastardly villains… 

You will die!

Written for The Daily Post: March 18th. Fight


7 thoughts on “The Fight of the Summer

  1. NOOOOOO! Sorry – but “weeds” like dandelions are crucial and essential to a healthy vibrant ecology – because they are key plants for the pollinators. Seriously.

    Every lawn should have at least one square patch that doesn’t get cut and is allowed to flower – honestly – you’d be amazed at the beauty of a lawn left to grow on it’s own. But since that’s not going to happen any time soon, you know, maybe you should just consider the “easiest” solution? Keep your lawn properly cut (not too long or short so that it stays healthier during long dry periods) and in the spring, hard rake it or de-thatch it, top dress it with good soil and re-seed the thinning patches. Apart from that, honestly, so what if there is crab grass or the odd dandelion? Regular mowing cuts the seed heads before they flower so what’s the deal? Are you aiming for a golf green quality lawn? Wouldn’t you rather be watching baseball or writing stories rather than sulking over a fairway at your place? 😉

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    1. Yes!!! to baseball… And to writing… I went on a rant! The ‘lovely lawn’ creeps into my flower beds… because I get behind on the weeding. Then, when you tickle the belly of the weeds… they become MONSTERS! Actually, when I was little… I loved the dandelions!

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      1. LOL @ Actually, when I was little… I loved the dandelion ….
        rediscover your childhood innocence …. you’ll shave years off in stress 😉

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      2. a “weed” is technically a “misplaced” flower …. as in, it isn’t considered desirable, which is the “human subjective point of view” … or from a more scientific perspective, inappropriate to the actual surroundings because it causes destruction and upsets the natural balance of the ecosystem.

        Hey …. we all can’t be (name your hottie of the day) 😉

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