She Was the One

Middle school dance d32b810ceca87342982d4a949d140ae0

She Was the One

Across the dance floor, I saw her.

The sparkle of her smile pulsated with the gyro lights that sent illuminating rainbows streaming across the gym.

Dancing... That was not me. Being light on my feet, was not my gifting.

When I did the speed drills with the tires, our football coach made the team turn their backs. Their giggles as I stumbled through… but that was better than running extra laps for inciting pandemonium in practices.

No Pain…No Gain… Our team motto t-shirt was under my dress shirt. For good luck, I guess.

I stepped forward.

Hesitantly, she stood.


Written for The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. Requirements: March 16, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write about the idea of “just one.” If all it takes is just one, what is the story? Explore what comes to mind and go where the prompt takes you. Bonus challenge: eat cake while you write, or include cake in your flash.

4 thoughts on “She Was the One

  1. Great 99 word flash – you can taste the tension and nervousness – that overwhelming sense of self-doubt when everything is already so upside down as a kid/teenager …. and that’s a particularly delightful touch – the t-shirt under the dress shirt! well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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