Light… Crumbly… Fluffy… Dirt

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Dirt… It Does a Body Good? 


One after another of my gardens have failed.

But, this year… it will be different. (I hope?)

This year, I am learning about DIRT!

Not all ‘dirts’ are created equal.

In fact, some dirt is just simply… dirt.

What a garden needs to live, and breathe, and thrive is dirt that is alive!!!

Living dirt is called soil…

Yeah, I know…

I thought that they were the same thing too!

It seems that soil has living, breathing nutrients in it that will allow your seedlings and mature plants to flourish.

Dirt, on the other hand, it the mud in concrete form.

So far, this is the total accumulation of my knowledge that I wish to share.

I am just a-learnin’.

But soon- in just a few weeks, maybe– I will be a dirt aficionado!


Written for The Daily Post: March 19th. Dirty

4 thoughts on “Light… Crumbly… Fluffy… Dirt

  1. All dirt is NOT created equally unless one simply wants to play in it, but even then, things to consider, like how black, gritty, shrieking in shock and horror upon sight from a neighbor, significant other etc. one desires as reaction etc. Dirt can be tons of fun – but not so much when humping wheelbarrows into garden beds because you need enrich or amend the soil. But I love it anyhow – I’m biased, though. 😉

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