A Shelf Full of Pansies


A Shelf Full of Pansies

The gardening bug has bit me! We have had a few warm days, and now I cannot wait to get outside to start planting.

Today, I visited the garden center for the first time this spring. I strolled through rows and rows and rows of early spring flowers. I browsed shelves and shelves of new fandangled growing supplies.

My last three gardening seasons have been utter failures. I have major plans for something different this year!

I am planning a patio garden for my vegetables. The yard/ lawn garden is going to be devoted only to flowers.

Of course, I could not leave the garden center without something. Pansies…. In all my years of plantings, I have never tried to grow pansies. These are my new addition to the garden this year.

Too bad it calls for snow this weekend.

But come next Wednesday… the nights will be warmer again… Pansies will breathe a beginning of spring to my backyard.


Written for The Daily Post: March 17th. Shelf


14 thoughts on “A Shelf Full of Pansies

    1. I started the plans… and then the forecast called for three more days for snow!!! What is Mother Nature doing!!! I am real excited about No Lawn Weeds for my patio garden! I can’t wait to get started!

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  1. Pansies and violas can handle the cold and snow …. even if they were already planted outside. And since you must be in area where they are considered annuals, well, what’s more important is the temperature and dryness of the soil, if they are going into the ground, as opposed to being planted in a pot or container. Pansies prefer cool weather, so don’t expect them to last you through a hot summer …. but they are the perfect “spring shout” into early summer. As long as your soil isn’t soggy wet, they can be planted out, and most likely whatever white stuff you do get won’t last beyond a few days, but if you can wait to plant them out, they most likely will be slightly happier. And uh yeah, one thing ….. don’t forget to dead head them – at least some of the finished flowers, from time to time, because it will allow the plant to last longer. Oh, one other tip, since you’re going to be waiting a few days before setting them out, try to make sure they get watered at least once, with your own water source, because they will still be a bit shocked when you transplant (all plants do) and what most people don’t know or understand, all annuals (and most perennials and shrubs etc.) are heavily fertilized – that’s what makes them bloom – so suddenly cutting off their food supply is hard on them – but pansies and violas can usually transition well enough. Enjoy the blooms 🙂

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      1. LOL … me too …. growing anything anywhere anyhow etc. And it was my pleasure …. I gardened for a living for most of my life …. I mean, seriously, to be paid (mostly well) to get dirty all of the time and make things beautiful?! XD

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      2. That’s a great way to play with the prompts …. and I’ll offer what I can …. of course, it’d help if I knew where you were …. locale wise – generally – US, Canada, zones, etc. and if you don’t want to publicly share, you can always email me directly …. and I swear, I am (mostly) harmless 😉

        LOL … i.e. internet friendly but known to bite in real life when pushed too far 😉

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      3. well I’m new to your blog really, so I’m still getting my bearings, but thanks for the info. definitely helps me with info. / answers/ ideas that may be of help to you 🙂

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