A ManCave- Times Two


Having successfully flipped the last seven houses and sold them in under three weeks apiece, we felt unstoppable.

Half of the success in flipping a house was location, location, location. It had to be in a neighborhood that held promise. Another positive quality, which we seemed to have extremely unique talents at discovering, each house had to have a distinctive feature that allowed the house a pricelessness to the future owners. We had created these wonders with our previous seven: marble-enclosed spa/ baths, a winding staircase, turrets on the corners of a master suite.

The building before us was a steal. It had been on the market for eleven years. The bank wanted to rid themselves of it. We had time and resources on our hands- aplenty… if we could only discover how to turn this diamond-in-the-rough into a crown jewel.

It was hideous… No doubt about it! There were not the usual No Trespassing signs posted on this property. This property had WARNING signs posted. Not the kind of welcome anticipated by a prospective buyer.

It was brick… a major plus. A copper roof… another plus. It had an outdoor pool (for what it was worth) and this massive garage?

I looked at Dale and grinned. This was perfect. Sunroom solar windows- double stacked. A two-story man-cave.

We were ready to deal!


Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 200+ word flash fiction story.

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