Drop: The Idiom

We were studying idioms today… so I decided to go with the flow.

ignacio garcia vs jose antonio vargas 2


  1. Thanks for the nickel, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what I need for this medical bill.
  2. Just ask her. She likes you. She’ll date you at the drop of a hat.
  3. The bottom dropped out of Wall Street, today.
  4. It was so quiet when the teacher belched, you could hear a pin drop.
  5. As the guard slammed the door shut, he winked and said, “Don’t drop the soap.”
  6. Never drop your guard around your enemy…as well as some friends!
  7. Luck just seems to drop in your lap.
  8. Susan dropped a bombshell on her parents last night.
  9. One punch, and he dropped like a brick.
  10. Allan dropped a bundle on the third race.
  11. Yes, he’s in the hospital… he only dropped a dime.
  12. You’ll be missed. Drop me a line sometime.
  13. He winked, dropping a hint, and shut the door.
  14. Drop around any time after seven,” he said.
  15. He dropped back to throw the pass over the incoming linebackers’; raised arms.
  16. He is in ISS for dropping his drawers.
  17. Drop everything and come over right now!
  18. Alfred dropped dead last night.
  19. Drop Dead! You loser!
  20. Somewhere along the way, that ideas just dropped by the wayside.
  21. He just dropped in his tracks.
  22. Once they heard that, they dropped him like a hot potato.
  23. They were dropping like flies.
  24. Sam dropped his cookies right after lunch as he was going up the back hall steps.
  25. The teacher almost dropped his teeth when he heard that reply.
  26. Ralph just dropped off the radar after graduation.
  27. Drop it off on the way home.
  28. The plane just dropped out of sight.
  29. He really dropped the ball on that one.
  30. Stop dropping the F-bomb.
  31. He was nervously awaiting the other shoe to drop.
  32. Just drop the subject, OK.
  33. Man, she was drop-dead gorgeous.
  34. He got the drop on you.
  35. You just pay your taxes, and work till you drop.
  36. Janice really loves to name drop.

I am quite certain I have probably dropped a few… but “Oh, well…”

Written for The Daily Post: March 15. Drop


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