Fleeting Memories

Fleeting Memories:

  • smelling cookies straight from the oven at Grandma’s house
  • manning an ax and trudging up a snow covered hill to cut my much-sought-after Christmas tree
  •  playing in the park- all afternoon- and jumping from the swings to grab the moon
  • resting in the freshly mowed grass
  • completing homework, often with far more help from my pet than I needed


Written for The Daily Post: March 14th. Fleeting


3 thoughts on “Fleeting Memories

  1. Ah the swings, still love being on them to this day at age 46 and try to find my way to a park with the really big ones in it a few times a year. Nothing beats that tickly feeling in my tummy, or the pumping of my legs, or best yet the jumping off … and landing without getting hurt ha ha! Great post, thanks for sharing it … Marianne

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