A Celestial Extravaganza


“Teddy, the storm is getting worse.”

“Don’t worry, Alice. We’re safe here. Many a night my brother and I laid out in front of this cavern and counted shooting stars.”

“But the picnic, it’s ruined.”

Teddy reached around her waist. Alice trembled. He wasn’t sure if it was from the rapid drop in temperature brought on by the storm, or whether fear had overtaken her because of the mighty streaks of lightening enlivening the clouded skies.

With Alice nestled in his arms, Teddy was in heaven. Could there possibly be a better way to spend the evening than watching this celestial extravaganza play out before you… complete with a percussion symphony?

Spying the well-supplied, dry wood and chips in the back alcove, Teddy moved to light a fire.

With the fire ablaze, the cavern’s walls danced. Shadows from the elongated stalactites created silhouetted-pairings, gracefully waltzing.

While not the original plan, Teddy wondered if this new opportunity was not a far better idea.

Teddy lay the wadded lawn-blanket by the fire. Taking Alice’s hand, he settled her.

Before cowardice could dissuade him, Teddy dropped to one knee. “Alice, tonight was supposed to be a night we could tell our children about…”

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Create a 200 words flash Fiction story using the given photo prompt.



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