To Go with the Flow: How to De-Stress in 10 Easy Steps

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To Go with the Flow

How to De-Stress in 10 Easy Steps

As a junior-high teacher and mentor, extensive dramas and humiliating strains and earth-shattering dilemmas are a daily occurrence in the life of my students. Some of them self-produced… but many of them horrifyingly real and potentially debilitating.

Keeping one’s prospect in life is of utmost importance, both for your sanity as a teacher, and for preserving the ability to assist your pupils to withstand the storms and grow.

I have ten trusted methods for me to keep myself above the fray of self-implosion. Depending on the season- and my depths of anguish- these are my go-to’s for emotional release.

  1. I journal every day… usually. In extreme anguish I journal on single sheets of paper and celebrate release with a burning ceremony.
  2. Plan to sleep an extra hour… or sometimes I plan to awaken an hour early to do something fun
  3. An extended walk in the park or a hike up a trail in a local mountain range
  4. A sunset enjoyed on the patio with candles and a favorite beverage
  5. In the summer, a hour spend walking the garden centers and bring home a wounded ‘annual’ to nurse make to health
  6. A half-hour of sweating on the tennis courts to see how many aces I can still serve out of one-hundred serves
  7. A game of horseshoes or croquet- if there is a neighbor available to play
  8. A visit to the basketball courts and re-establish my shooting percentages for free throws- How many can I make out of one-hundred?
  9. If the season is appropriate, a night at a sports’ arena to see a baseball game, a basketball game, or a soccer game
  10. A night of serenading a MP3 player to the classics (often while in the shower)

Often… many of these are combines to make a great evening of frolic and camaraderie… and then, at my age, an early evening to bed and quickly falling asleep is quite easy.


Written for The Daily Post:Flow

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