“New plunder?” inquired notorious pirate, Captain Bazooski.

Barrelman Funspo immediately knew he had made a mistake. “Sorry, Cap. Thought you knew.”

Captian Bazooski’s veins were being to protrude on his forehead. He was the commander of this vessel. If there had been plunder taken aboard his ship, why was he unaware?

“T’was brought onboard last visit ashore.”

“More’n three weeks ago?”

“Aye, sir. Them’ens has really helped with morale.”

“I’h’ve wondered why ye’s all so chirpy. Foods been good, too.”

“Sir, we brought on cooks.”


“Aye, sir. First Mate Carlton and Metster married’em.”

“They’s hitch’d!”

“Aye. Sir.”

“Ta women?”

“Aye, sire. Right purty things.”

“On’s my ship???!”

“Aye, sir.”

“Dang’d fools. Don’t de’ know that women are the curz’d fo the seas? They wants tis ship mutinied from eh resta ta crew?”

“Rest’da de’ crew kinda likes it. Haven’t noticed how clean ever’things been nowadays. Dem women is something to behold.”

“Bring’em here at’unce.”

First Mate Carlton and Metster tried to boldly step toward wheelhouse to face the Captain.

“Women!…. On my ship!… What da blazes…”

Let’tus ‘splain,” interrupted Carlton. He knew he had better get his words in before all decisions were made and there was no saving face. “T’was for you, Captain.”

“Aye, Cap. Daz gotta sister, too.”


Written for Sunday Photo Fictioneers. Requirements: Create a flash fiction story of approximately 200 words using the given photo prompt.


7 thoughts on “NEW PLUNDER

  1. Haha cute! I’m glad how the woman improved morale of the crew, probably the food too. And I ingenious way to get the Captain to approve, introduce him to one of the wives’ sister. Great take!

    Liked by 1 person

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