Unseen Wealth


Unseen Wealth

“$26.29, sir.”

“Excuse me?”

“$26.29, sir.”

Are my books overdue?  Why do I owe this money?

The usual, sir.

The usual? Usually, I walk into my friendly neighborhood library, politely return my borrowed books, and browse the New Books selections in hopes of discovering a new author. Then, I peruse the mystery shelves for books to check-out on this visit. Nowhere in that scenario does there occur a “$26.29, sir.”

Under-appreciated facilities, sir. A new audit revealed, people usually think that they get with they pay for. Since extending our financial accoutrements, we have seen a 37% uptick in patronage.


Written for The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. Requirements: March 2, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a library. You can honor the libraries in your own experience, dream about libraries of the future or explore a community without one. Bonus points for discovering something you didn’t know your library offered. For example, my library offers organic and heirloom seeds.



8 thoughts on “Unseen Wealth

  1. This can be true. I worked for an organization and we offered wonderful classes for free and no one came. So we started charging $25 a class and people showed up! Great angle to take on the prompt!

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  2. Our local library has an annual fund raiser, but I buy used books all year from the cafe book store.

    Another thing to remember at least in my area is that once a year on ‘Founder’s Day’ most museums that do charge an entry are free. I generally read about it after. But there is one thing that came in the newspaper that has the free date of one close by… so I might just go this year. Not that I wouldn’t go any other time. After all the cost isn’t as outrageous as some theme parks and there is a wealth of history too.

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