SCREEN: The Power of the Finger


The Power of the Finger


First, there was the answering machine…. Somewhere around the 1980s they became a household necessity. What power it gave its user.

The ability for an unknown voice to take a message…then you could decide when and if you wanted to reply. All the cards were in your hands. What a power rush.

Now…. The rush is even greater.

With the answering machine, you had to wait until the message was delivered before you could ultimately decide whether the person calling you had the right to intervene and interrupt your day.


With the power of the finger, and today’s new technology… as soon as you acknowledge the incoming number, you have the power to hit DECLINE.. and the call automatically goes to an answering machine.

There is NO WAIT TIME!

For the even more maniacal minds, you can even screen an individual’s number so that the number goes to an answering machine EVERY TIME that person calls you.

Personally, I have never used these insanely, egotistical techniques as a way of avoiding those who wish to speak to me.

I have only heard of their existence….


Written for The Daily Post: March 6, 2016. Screen


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