In Memory of Patsy Cline

On March 5, 1963, Patsy Cline was killed in a multiple-fatality plane crash. She was only 30 years old.

She is a native Shenandoah Valley resident. Her homeplace is a short drive and a rock’s throw from my home.

Millions of her records have sold since her death. She is a icon – the first female soloist inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

I loved listening to her ballads as a kid. Here is one of my favorites…


Written for Reminiscing the Arts: March 5th. 



3 thoughts on “In Memory of Patsy Cline

  1. How Big is the Shenandoah Valley Roger? It seem full of writers. When I’ve joined various FF prompts and contest I come across so many who seem to hail from there. Soz neat take by the way

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