I am a racer. I love to go fast. I will not do a True Confessions piece here, but this has been a flaw I have had to battle from early on.

I am also like fireworks… a cross between a Roman candle and a bottle rocket.  I go fast and then burn out.

I have had to learn to pace myself as I have mastered (attempting to still master) the skill of what it means “to grow up”.

I like new ideas.

I like fresh starts.

I like being innovative.

Many times… I have to put shackles on myself to ground myself to the starting position. Once I get started, I want to take of… actually, I want to fly!!!!

As you can see with my previous two posts… Today is March 4th

But with my new idea… I have already entered March 7, 2016.

I took my new idea… and went to the moon…. This was inevitable?


Written for The Daily Post: March 4, 2016. Inevitable


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