DIVISION: A Force for Good




It is absurd for a person to express negative feelings about the concept of division. Division is a part of life. It is an essential part of life. From conception in the womb, we need to foster the proper perspective and purposes for division just to enable us to be birthed as a functional human being.

For farmers to grow crops… Wheat is separated (divided) from the chaff… Fruit is picked (divided) from the trees… Seeds are harvested (divided) from the fruits.

All of these divisions are necessary.

The problem with today’s society… we no longer look for divisions that allow for effective prosperity…. We look for and foster divisions that enable the consummation of power.

Here are a few quotes that I wish our local and national politicians would have posted in on the wall of their meeting places…

1. Guard Your Words…

Words outlive people, institutions, and civilizations. Words spur images, associations, memories, inspirations and synapse pulsations. Words sendoff physical resonations of thought into the nethersphere. Words hurt, soothe, inspire, demean, demand, incite, pacify, teach, romance, pervert, unite, and divide. Words be powerful. Inga Muscio

2. Examine Your Actions…

The big divide in this country is not between Democrats and Republicans, or women and men, but between talkers and doers. Thomas Sowell

3. Shut-up and Listen …

I’ve led a school whose faculty and students examine and discuss and debate every aspect of our law and legal system. And what I’ve learned most is that no one has a monopoly on truth or wisdom. I’ve learned that we make progress by listening to each other, across every apparent political or ideological divide. Elena Kagan

4. Play Nice: Our World Is Not an “Us” and “Them”…

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences. Audre Lorde

5. There Is Evil in the World… Do What Is Right.

The purpose of terrorism lies not just in the violent act itself. It is in producing terror. It sets out to inflame, to divide, and to produce consequences which they then use to justify further terror.                     Tony Blair


Written for The Daily Post: March 2, 2016. Divide


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