For Your Eyes Only


For Your Eyes Only


“Installing infrared FaceFirst and acoustical security systems on these ancient relics… not what I thought I was going to be doing when I signed on.”

“What’s there to fuss about? You’ve traveled the world the last three years.”

“You’re right. Eleven countries and twenty-seven cities that I thought that I would never have been lucky enough to see in my lifetime.”

“Besides, when we recruited you, you had to know that this was no ordinary security job.”

“My first assignment at a McDonalds in Moscow was quite a surprise.  Especially when I found out I was only eating at McDonalds… My assignment was a building along Sixth Street across from the Latah County Courthouse.”

“Any complaints?”

“Not enough time home… but the paycheck is out-of-this-world!  Then there’s privacy… I could not believe the questions for QX clearance and Yankee White after my first year.”

“You know that those codes are never to be spoken in public.”

“Who could be listening to us? We’re 500 feet in the air?”

“Right… And what are we doing here?”


Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers- Week of 2-23-2016. Requirements: Using the photo prompt and under 175 words, create a flash fiction story.


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