“When you said we were in for the rides of our lives, I thought we were going to an amusement park. What are we doing at the Macadian Wildlife Reserve?”

Samson slowed the car and pulled to a stop at the gate near the bright florescent orange and black Do Not Enter sign.

“Look around?”

“So… Giraffes to the left? Rhinoceros to the right? You’ve got to be joking!”

“Nope. Open the trunk,” Samson directed.

“Two saddles… bridles…two lassoes… You’re not kidding!” A bit of panic was being to settle in Aaron’s voice.

“Of course not. Tonight we take the rides of our lives.”

“You said we were meeting Roger.” Aaron was hoping that Roger could talk some sense into a situation that was quickly running out of control.

The lights from a ‘78 Beetle slowly make their way and parked behind them.

“Right on schedule. You said that sunset feeding times were when the beasts were the most docile.” Samson was a jittery as a Jay bug.

“Great!” Roger held out his hand as Samson placed a roll of bills in it.

“I’ve been practicing on the Brahmas at the bar for the last three weeks. Don’t miss anything as you film, Aaron. Jinxsters Films has promised me $3,000 if I can stay on the big Rhino for seven minutes. Keep the electric prod in your hand in case he’s too docile. I want them to get their money’s worth.”

For some reason, I breathed a sigh of relief.


Written for Sunday Photo Fictioneers. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 200 word flash fiction story. (This one hit 250.)

8 thoughts on “NO RELUCTANT RHINOS

  1. Lucky for Aaron, he didn’t have to make a choice of backing down from what he thought would probably be an act of suicide! He could just stand by and record a movie in the making and hopefully Roger and Samson know what they are doing. I felt the relief that I’m sure Aaron was feeling!

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