Sunday Outings


“There’s a service station just to the right, honey. Let’s pull over. Let’s and directions.”

“I know where we’re going relax. Enjoy the scenery.”

“Dear, the scenery has been bumper-to-bumper traffic the last seventeen exits. Aunt Margaret’s directions said Exit 79a, Next Left.”

“We missed the first turn off. I know. But we’ve seen parts of the beltway that we have never seen before.”

“That is great dear. But the service starts in eleven minutes.”

“You texted them and told them about the traffic.”

“Yes, dear. Thirty minutes ago.”

“I’m sure the next exit will have a cloverleaf turn.”

“We aren’t even on the right interstate, my love. We left Maryland three exits ago. The last sign said ‘Welcome to Delaware’.”

“See, I told you. We’ve never been to Delaware.”

“My favorite niece gets married in less than ten minutes. I want to be there.”

“We never get away from the house and travel, Sweetums. I love the feel of the wind in our faces. You know I can’t get enough of Betsy.”

“Yes, my love. Your new Mustang SVT GT 500 is a sweet ride. I love that you have it. But my niece…”

“We used to ride for miles and miles of a Sunday outing.”

“We’re not on an outing, today. My niece….”

“I have always found visiting your side of the family seems to make you all uptight. Let’s just enjoy the drive. Look, there’s the Welcome sign for New Jersey. They say New Jersey is such a lovely state!”

(This piece is a little longer than the 200 word count. Sometimes I am as bad as Sweetums’ husband at following directions?)


Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements. Using the photo prompt, create a 200 words flash fiction story.


9 thoughts on “Sunday Outings

    1. I am not sure if ‘sweet talking’ did it… He was the one behind the wheel. There might be a very high price to pay if the weekend does not turn out to be far more memorable than just ‘an outing”!!!


  1. I’m sure it wouldn’t be the same if it was his favourite nephew. It’s important t go to weddings and see all your family. Honestly, many families are scattered now and so busy you might not get to see all your relatives together for along time. I drive is nice, but just not the right time. Great piece. Great use of dialogue.

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  2. That bit at the end about being like Sweetum’s husband made me laugh out loud.

    I like this story, and a great way of avoiding the family. I think he had her best interests at heart, even if there were other ways he could have done it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. She has a lot of patience with him. I could not be so calm! It’s obvious what his plan is and that’s the part that I would be disturbed about. He’s avoiding what he doesn’t want to do without actually saying it. The day may not end well for either of them!

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