This week’s photo prompt is provided by Ady.

The bench was empty. Had been for the last two hours. Only three walkers had been in the park- well, four actually. One was a mother and a stroller.

Such a beautiful day. Where was everybody?

Hiding here in the shrubs at the top of the hill, my wet palms fidgeting again with the binoculars. There was another car entering the parking lot. That could be her.

My contact said that she always came to the park on Thursday afternoon. It was to be an easy hit.

I had been scoping the target for the last three weeks. That fact was true.

An ebony Buick slowed at the handicapped spaces and parked. Slowly, a gray-haired figure emerged.

I looked at the picture. It was her. I was sure of it.

Assassinate an old woman? She didn’t look as if she could harm a fly?

Well, who was I to argue with payment of a quarter-million. Grandma had definitely peed on someone’s hydrant….

I lower my NIKON Monarch and removed my Glock. Time is precious.


Written for Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 150 (+/- 25) words flash fiction story.


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