The tallest building in London – the Shard.


There was no way this could get any worse.

“Pull a rabbit out of my hat?” Don’t think so.

The airlines experienced turbulence. Pinkie, stored in cargo, died as they went above the recommended attitude.

“Wanna borrow my hanky?”

The local dry cleaners happened to use bleach. Now my colorful handkerchiefs are molting like the skin off a lizard- and not a cute lizard!

The three mystical rings that can’t be separated.

Sure they can, if the airlines loses your baggage…

Three hours until my first opening act here in London.

Alfreado, the Magnificent, died on-board British Airways

BA0172.  May he rest in peace with Pinki

Called my agent. He wished me luck. Bless his little heart.

After leaving my three anonymous drinking companions at the bar in stitches upon hearing my incredible tale, I walked across the boulevard. I was to be backstage in one hour.

Suddenly, I realized I had left my three anonymous drinking companions at the bar in stitches.

The Shard was just going to announce my mystical act.

Maybe life had gifted me with something better.

Just maybe… my new act had just been handed me from the heavens.

Alfreado, the Magnificent, was a comic.


Written for Sunday Photo Fictioneers. Requirements: Create a 200 world flash fiction story using the photo prompt.


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