( YAWN )


( YAWN )

What bores you?


  • Watching golf on television
  • Watching someone else play a video game
  • Commercials
  • Monotone professors
  • Workshops about information that you already know
  • Waiting for the ‘on-hold’ music to stop on the phone
  • Traffic lights when there is NO TRAFFIC
  • Doing meaningless chores
  • Waiting in lines of more than three
  • Watching cricket on television

Written for The Daily Post- January 21,2015.  ( YAWN )

10 thoughts on “( YAWN )

    1. Have you noticed that the activities we know so little about are the ones we find boring? I knew very little about soccer… now I follow it and have favorite teams. I knew little about rugby.. same thing. Here where I live, we don’t even have videos in the library to describe the ‘how to’ of cricket.. I have checked? (I am assuming that this is teh spot you are passionate about?)

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      1. Oh yes Roger – and the follow is safe for now! I like nearly every ball sport where I can see the ball.. So table tennis and squash leave me pretty cold. But cricket and rugby are my favs. Took a while for me to get baseball. It’s all over too quickly for me. But if you persevere you get there. Can’t stand anything with horses though unless it’s the Olympics when I’ll even watch wrestling…

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