WKRB 98.73 FM

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WKRB 98.73 FM

“Tomorrow morning, we are on Yellow Alert. The temperatures are predicted to be in the single digits. Wind Chill factor will create conditions below zero. Please, plan according.”

The broadcast had being repeatedly reciting the same Weather Alert for the last three hours. Hadn’t they looked outside? It wasn’t the temperatures that were creating the havoc for drivers on the way home…

It had begun flurrying just past lunch and the roads were treacherous. The highway patrol personnel apparently were still in their warm bungalows listening to the Weather Alerts instead of looking outside. True… the temperature conditions were below zero…just like the radio stated… but they forgot to mention the five inches of snow that was now lying on the roads. No plows…No salt…

I slowly walked toward the car. My heels were not the appropriate shoes for these hazardous sidewalks.

I wonder who the wise guy was that was supposed to update my broadcast of the Weather Alert. My broadcast booth being inside, I had no idea if what I was releasing for the public welfare was in any way accurate.

Tonight, when I got home, hubby and the kids would enjoy eviscerating my weather broadcast.  What’s new…


Written for Sunday Photo Fictioneers. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 200 word flash fiction story.

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