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You promised me from that day forward… That was not to include Brad, the pool boy or Randy, your tennis instructor.

You promised me for better, for worse… I worked my butt off… you bejeweled yourself.

You promised me in sickness and in health. Going to the doctor three times in two years for penicillin was not the assumed arrangement.

You promised to love and to cherish me. You ran over Winifred, our Great Dane and tried to hide her in the garden roses.

At least you’re going to get the till death do us part right.

I gently embraced you as I carried you to the back lounges of the new 2006 Catamaran Sailing 65. .

Sitting you upright, I rested your long, golden legs on the footrests.

The sun was just beginning to set.

I stepped into the boat beside of you, opened the cooler and took out my cocktail glasses.

You always said you enjoyed a great Mai Tai at sunset.



Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 150 word flash fiction story.


17 thoughts on “BON VOYAGE, MY LOVE

  1. I liked your story. How you say he promised to do all these things but he never really kept any of his promises. Interesting how he ended up keeping his last promise “to death do us part.” Probably, thanks to her but I think the evening will be quite romantic for his wife. Great job.

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