Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived two flying frogs.

Free-wheelin’ Fredrick and Voluptuous Freda frolicked and fluttered instilling fright and fear.

Even lions, baboons, and falcons were in awe of them.

These callous, winged-rulers hoarded flies and fruits- sometimes even fish- from all the kingdom.

The familial swamp creatures sequestered themselves to find a fitting way to overthrow the freakish tyrants.

Assassins- leafcutters were dispatched. Carefully spiking the castle with an airborne fungus- frog wings were soon ant fodder.

Hence the saying… If frogs had wings, they wouldn’t bump their butts on the ground.

Written for The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. Requirements: January 13, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) begin a story with, “Once upon a time…” Where you take the fairy tale is entirely up to you. Your character can break the traditional mold, or your ending can be less than happy. Elements of fairy tales include magic, predicaments, villains, heroes, fairy-folk and kingdoms. How can you turn these elements upside down or use them in a realistic setting? Write your own fairy tale.

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