Modern Families

If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

The most shocking thing that my late ancestors might face if they were to visit me for a meal would be the lack of a dinner table.

When I was a child, I loved to eat in front of the television. It was a TOTAL NO-NO when my father was home. When it was just Mom… I think she was happy to have us happy and out from under her feet.

My father is 90+… when we eat at the home place… we still eat at in the dining room at the proper table. This is a necessity. This was when the family caught up on all the necessary family gossip… How was school? When is your next baseball game? Do you have practice after school tomorrow? Have you completed all of your homework?

At my house, I eat in the living room…. usually enjoying a Netflix. The necessary conversations take place on the car-rides home from school. If there are necessaries that have to be breached as a family… usually a hike is planned and discussions happen at overlooks. If it happens to be an extremely uncomfortable necessary, then an all-afternoon trip to the tennis courts or basketball courts, and discussion happens during the breaks and exhaustion periods. The solutions are looked for ion the car-rides home.

During the kid’s teen years… keeping weight off was never a problem!


Written for The Daily Post. January 10, 2016. Modern Families

3 thoughts on “MODERN FAMILIES

  1. I grew up sitting at the table with the whole family and my husband and I raised our children the same way. My daughter thinks that was one of the best times spending with the family. My husband and I continue to eat at the table, but when I’m alone, I enjoy sitting in front on the TV while I eat.

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  2. My family of five children grew up sitting and eating at the table, enjoying the conversation of what had happened during the day, making plans for the weekend etc.
    Now my husband and I have our tea every night in front of the TV.
    But if the family are home we always have a meal at the table.
    I will be interested in what other older couples do for the evening meal, also what young families do.

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