2016 GOODREADS 2016


GOODREADS for the New Year

Well, here I am again… making a promise that I may not follow through completing. Yes, I know for sure I will read this next year. I always do… So why would this year be any different. The promise of keeping track of them… That usually falls by the wayside.

This year… I want to concentrate on Best Sellers. Don’t really know why. I have done the classics. Last year, I concentrated on books for my classroom. This year… maybe I just want to be selfish… To try something new… Read a few more authors… Get out of the reading rut?

Anyway… Look out neighborhood library. I am going to be on you like flies on molasses. I sure hope that the Large Print Selections have enough selections to keep me reading?

I will have to get better with my Kindle as well. The local libraries are getting better about getting more books for the e-reader as well.

Written for GOODREADS.

11 thoughts on “2016 GOODREADS 2016

  1. Best sellers are best seller for a reason, right? Of course, Fifty Shades of Grey was a best seller too, and I didn’t care for it. But that’s my own, personal opinion.

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  2. I get daily emails from EBooksHabit and Book Bub and select from their free selections. I have read some very good books that are free. In fact, this morning, I downloaded one on my Kindle that had 5,000 five star reviews. But, I don’t know if you can get large print. I would think that you could.

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  3. When I wait in line at the grocery store I read the first page of one of the best sellers. I call it my “opening scene” research! 🙂 I read a mixture of debut authors, historical research books, business books, and Brandon Sanderson (he’s my guilty obsession this year). Happy reading!

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    1. Far more devoted than me… or your lines are far longer? I enjoy reading, but every year, my reading gets overtaken by things for the seventh grade… that becomes my read list. I am going to try to meld to the two years. I was going to say ‘avoid’… but I knew that would be a lie from the start!


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