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January 1st                                                                                                  2019


Local Author Scores Double Trifecta

Local novelist, ********, has completed his sixth novel in three years.

Each novel has achieved the highest ranking on the New York Times Bestseller list for fourteen weeks running. A feat unheard of until this new-comers appearance!

What had been a supposed quirk of an idea for a storyline is now the most popularly read novel in the United States. The sales of these six novels are presently sky-rocketing around the world.

Even though he says that he has his roots here in our small village, we do not know the true name of this local celebrity. His bylines all give him residence here- breed and born- so they say, but he had kept a tight rein on his true identity.

We here in Skunk-Hollow owe him (or her, I guess the case could be made) a great gratitude. Moneys from his coffers have been used to complete the new gymnasium and outdoor recreational center, build a new medical center, and equip our local constables and emergency personnel with much needed safety equipment.

He is coming to our local purlieu once again. His appearance will be guarded for the reading in a new novel, his seventh, yet to be released. Tickets can be purchased for the reading his seventh, unreleased novel, at all local businesses. They can also be purchased on-line. All the proceeds for this outing will help supply new books for our public library. Local residents must show identification to purchase discounted tickets. The reading to be broadcast at the new football domed stadium. There is to be a media presentation with this reading using the stadiums theatrical systems.

We, as a community, wants to thank, ********, for not only his well-written, and much enjoyed novels, but for everything he has done for our small community.


Written for The Daily Post. December 24, 2015. Ebb and Flow

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