Generous Genies

Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?

The curse has been lifted. I, who was once a slave to the golden lamp, mastered by many notoriously selfish ne’er-do-wells, numerous nitwits, and one or two good souls… I, Sabastian of Nethersprings Wood, am a free man.

There is still one condition left for my freedom to be confirmed… I must great three wishes from myself to whomever I wish to bless.

After seeing the horrid effects so many of my former masters at released upon the world, and upon themselves… I knew that I had to not only trust my heart… but I had to be very careful with the words that expressed my wishes.

I knew what I wanted more than anything in life. I wanted to find my family. But after thousands of years in lamp captivity… It would have been a careless wish.

And besides, words can be such cruel taskmasters!

So I decided… I could preplan my three wishes. That would make sense. There would be less possibility of flashback from a good plan.

But then I remembered the best-laid plans of some of the mobsters that had been lucky enough to retrieve my golden residence… Good luck was not always the outcome for a good plan.

If there had been any underlying premise that seemed to obliterate bad consequences, it was having a pure heart… making a wish from total unselfishness.

I instantly decided that none of the wishes would be for people that I knew.

I would wish for strangers.

After more careful consideration, I decided that my wishes would have time constraints placed on them. This would even further allow the bad-consequences from having a lasting effect, if I were to wish as stupid, ill-conceived wish.

Stopping by the local shipping establishment, I saw two children gazing at the candy counter. An older boy with whom I assumed to be his younger sister. I watched as the older lad shoveled into his pocket for the third time to find another hidden coin in the creases of his jeans. Instantly, I wishes for there to be another quarter in his pocket.

The smile I was blessed with from his little sister as he pulled out the hidden quarter was worth the thousands of years I had been held captive in my lamp.

Paying the clerk for their small packet of candies, the children strolled out of the establishment and turned left. Immediate, they were accosted by three bullies.

Instantly, I imagined a large Rottweiler being released from his enclosure. The massive Rottweiler gave chase to the roughians until they were out of my sight.

I immediately wished the Rottweiler home. Even three scallywags that accost little children for their candies should not end up as fodder for a Rottweiler.

With my wishes vanquished, I decided to follow the children home. At least, I would be assured of their safety.

Being new to this world, I failed in my wish to remain in the background. The little girl pointed me out to her father as soon as they returned home.

“He is the one, father. He is the one that sicced the dog of those mean boys.”

The father ran towards me as I was trying to make my escape.

“Excuse me, sir.” He began. He reached out his hand for be to shake. “Amos. Amos Netherspring. I just want to thank you for helping my children out. Anne and Sebastian say that without you, they would not have had their candies.”

“Netherspring, you say?”

I seemed that I had gotten my wish after all.


Written for The Daily Post. December 25, 2015.Generous Genies

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