It was long past midnight when they came to my stable’s chamber. “Your father has passed,” was all they said.

I dressed quickly. I was not unaware of the magnitude of this late summons.

The five of us walked purposefully through the outer gates and into the forest keep. I had hunted these paths as a youth, but tonight… the trails were ablur.

Spying a fire through the underbrush, we quickened our pace. There were voices- several of which I recognized.


We abruptly stopped.


Standing near the fire… It was him. I had told father that I had seen him. Merlin, the Merlin of lore. He was here.

“You are your father’s son.” His eyes were staring deep into mine.


“You know the depth of your answer.”

I nodded.

“Your father is now a guardian of the castle walls.”

I nodded again. I knew the tales. Father had told them to me as a child.

“You are the one. You are called to be the King’s Hand.”

I knelt.

The world went askew.

That was all I remembered. I awakened in the King’s chamber. I was lounging on His chase. He was being served his morning meal.

“I hope you found the night refreshing. The morning is new, my Lion’s Hand.”

I knelt again.


Written for Sunday Photo Fictioners. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 200 word piece of flash fiction. (A late entry!)


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