Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life — or doesn’t.

There are basic rules of etiquette in everything in life.  From the basic niceties for being a human being (at least in my world), to proper etiquette while dining in public, to the appropriate protocols for a blogger, there are rules and guidelines which the average person should make themselves aware. (I suspect that my need for these rules is from often having a houseful of chums- in both high school and college- and teaching seventh grade for thirty-plus years.


The Ten Rules … On Being Human

(I assume?)

  • Be on time. I have a life of my own. I don’t want to wait on yours. “5 pm means 5 pm”… It does not mean “just before seven-ish.”
  • RSVP.  This means “Respond, if you please.” But it is not really a polite request. The police turn on their blue lights to pull you over. It is a request. But it is not one you are supposed to deny.
  • Your Cell Phone IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. When you are with a human being… they come first.  Nor do I want to know about all of your difficulties. Put the thing on vibrate and politely excise yourself… if you have to do so.
  • Handshakes.  A handshake is not an Olympic event. Nor are they to leave you with a squeamish feeling of needing to run a hide.
  • Introduce Your Friends. If they are worth the time you are spending with them, they are worth the time of me knowing their name!
  • Thank-You (s) and Thank You Notes. Do I really have to explain it?
  • Grooming. I know that you think that you are the sun and the world revolves around you… But for goodness sake. We’re not monkeys. Humans groom themselves in ordinate. … Or at a salon. NOT AT THE DINING ROOM TABLE or in front of a good flick!
  • “Yes (s)” and “No (s)”. Eye contact and actually answering questions, please. If you don’t want to talk about it… a polite change of the conversation… I can take a hint. Shrugging shoulders and nods are rude.
  • Put Your Own Stuff Away. Do I look like your mother?… Plus, that is even rude to do to mothers after you are about six or seven.
  • Common Niceties. Holding the door… Saying “Excuse Me” … If you want to park in more than one space, do it at the end on the parking lot! I like my car too!

Yeah… I could keep going!  


 Proper Etiquette for Dining in a Restaurant

(This is for family gatherings as well!)

  • A napkin is not a bib… unless you need a bib.
  • Tables-while eating- are not for elbows … or arm-wrestling. (Yes, I had a house full of boys!)
  • Don’t overreact if you make a mess. It happens. (Get off your butt and assist in cleaning it up… or at least offer!)
  • Don’t talk with your mouth full… ever. (The glowing wit, with which I am sure you are going to enlighten us, will wait. Comic timing does not exist at a proper meal!)
  • Ask for things to be passed… politely.
  • Eat … Do Not Shovel. (The house full of boys, again.)
  • Try new foods offered… or politely pass … We do not have to hear all about your allergies and afflictions.
  • If it is a new food, try a little bit. You can come back for seconds later!
  • Blow your nose somewhere else. (This includes… no wiping of the nose on the sleeve.) (Yes, the boys.)
  • Leave you napkin on your dinner plate when you are finished and ask to be excused.



And Now… To Answer to Your Question

I want to become friend with all the many people with whom I blog. There are topics that I fell are ‘dividers” and not “unifying”.

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Global Warming
  • Immigration
  • Personal Finances
  • Your Romantic Pursuits (or lack thereof)
  • Your Personal Maladies

I do have many firm- and not so firm- opinions on such topics. Once we become friends… we can then decide what tidbits of personal information we want to share to deepen our relationship.

If my blog is a political exercise… then I expect to find politics. The same goes for the rest of the topics.

Until then…

I want to enjoy getting to know all the things we might have in common before I notice all the things that might divide.


Written for The Daily Post: Un/Faithful. December 26, 2015.Un/Faithful

7 thoughts on “UN/FAITHFUL

  1. Hello Rogershipp,

    *Warning, this comment contains jibber jabber*

    I might not agree with all of your rules and etiquette because I am a bit more informal and not as properly socially untrained/prepared/adapted and suffer from untreated social anxiety disorder among other things, but I do agree that following your rules would definitely benefit the average person.

    I do definitely agree that certain topics should be avoided unless you are talking to people you know well enough to talk about those topics with and/or when those topics are specifically being talked about maybe (religion, politics, et cetera), and so I was a bit surprised and confused by today’s Daily Prompt; because I have learned the hard way about these types of topics, having social anxiety disorder I try to avoid topics like this but people have a habit of bringing them up sometimes and trying to get me to talk about them on the last few jobs that I had and just in normal conversations, and I often feel like I have to answer questions when asked and my clouded mind when nervous makes this harder and people usually keep questioning me even when I try to let them know that I do not want to talk about these topics which usually leads to me answering their questions leading to very uncomfortable situations that have left me vowing to try to avoid certain topics around most people even when asked.

    Unfortunately I am not good at avoiding them when directly asked or when someone brings them up, my personality and clouded mind when nervous makes this hard and to make it worse even when I try to avoid these topics people usually keep asking me questions even when I say I rather not talk about it and so I just usually avoid social situations with people I am not comfortable with usually (which is most people); which is not healthy, but goes with the untreated social anxiety disorder and joblessness.

    Anyway, today’s Daily Prompt was one of those topics best avoided, and the question was not clear exactly and so I did not really know how to respond to it even if I wanted to because it was so vague and unclear; and fortunately I found that video clip on YouTube from a scene in the television series Arrested Development that I was able to use as a response. 😀

    You did a good job being creative and responding to today’s Daily Prompt in the way that you did, well done, and thank you for sharing this post. 🙂

    -John Jr

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome Rogershipp. 🙂

        I do not think that most people would have much have a problem with most of them, and I do not think that today’s Daily Prompt was meant to cause any uproar in my opinion; I think that they asked it more innocently, and that they were trying to ask it in a way that they felt would allow more people to be able to respond without alienating anyone.

        In doing so, I think that they made it too vague and unclear, and I also think that this was probably not a question that should be a Daily Prompt or that should come up in normal conversation between strangers or certain people or in certain environments (work, et cetera); but I try to keep an open mind and answer Daily Prompts when possible, but this was one of the few that left me confused and thinking that it should not be a Daily Prompt.

        Thank you, and I hope that you have a good holiday or holidays as well. 🙂

        -John Jr

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    I think this prompt could possibly be taken in several different directions. Roger, you did a good job the way you went with it. WordPress our leader could take us sheep in most any direction, they want to herd us. They could have us writing all kinds of things to their commands. I was fairly hopeful that blogging would be something that would come to unite people instead of divide them. I guess the jury will be out on that for quite a while possibly. I have decided to steer away or stay away from several topics out of respect for others, and for blogging. Like I say, I hope it might be a tool that will unite people in the future instead of some of these other social media experiments that end up shouting matches, or vulgarity contests.

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