I lost the bloggers that were hosting this endeavor, but I thought it was worthy to participate… even if I can not be a part of the whole.

Being grateful is a skill that allows one to find release from the chaos and turbulence of the world and find that inner peace in the things that truly matter (even if sometimes the things one finds are rather superficial and minimalistic.)

The task was to set a timer and list fifty things for which you are grateful this year- this very moment.

This is my list of fifty things that I was grateful for having or being a part of in the moment.

I Am Grateful- My 50

  1. A barber that works me in for flat-tops when I need them
  2. A dog groomer that my pup enjoys
  3. A new Wal-Mart within walking distance
  4. A 4-Wheel Drive to travel when the distances are greater than walking
  5. A deli that lets me try new things
  6. A mixer for the kitchen to try homemade bread
  7. The smell of freshly baked cookies on vacation
  8. Chex-mix with Bugles and M&Ms
  9. Poinsettias
  10. A chance to garden this coming year
  11. Shopping for new plants for the beds
  12. Birdwatching
  13. Many new blogging friends
  14. Netflix for shows that I can pause and watch at my leisure
  15. The Duke Blue Devils having a great season
  16. The ability to sleep through the night
  17. Trips to family’s houses for the holidays
  18. Friends that keep in touch
  19. Too many ideas to starts novels that I hope to write soon
  20. The Frontier Culture Museum and its talented tour guides
  21. Wonderful students in my classes that want to learn- usually
  22. A local library that allows books to come to me
  23. Watching the stars at night- especially meteor showers
  24. TV guides so that I can allocate my time better and still not miss my sporting events
  25. The passion of sports
  26. Walking/ hiking through mountain trails
  27. Mentors who allow me to be my own trailblazer
  28. Not being afraid to try new hobbies
  29. My writer’s guild
  30. A home that allows me the freedom to have much leisure time
  31. My pup- Maximillian
  32. Fresh strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry plants soon to be planted.
  33. The ability and desire to still exercise somewhat regularly
  34. The many Civil War and historical sites in the area to wander and walk- enjoying a weekend
  35. Keeping scores and stats at baseball games
  36. Having two local teams that host college players for summer baseball
  37. A motorcycle that I do not ride nearly often enough
  38. Learning a new recipe every two weeks
  39. Magazine subscriptions that keep be abreast of the world happenings
  40. Sponsors of writing contests to hone my skills of the craft
  41. Learning that fresh lettuces as cheap to keep as iceberg lettuce- and much better tasting!
  42. Being a master at deviled eggs and scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs for salads!
  43. Microwaving bacon (You can tell it is almost lunch time!)
  44. Many wonderful years of teaching
  45. Tennis partners
  46. The ability to schedule and juggle events so that I do not get bored or burnt-out
  47. Clocks that you can place on pause- I have run out of time- but I don’t want to quit!
  48. Alarm clocks and soft pillows
  49. Air conditioners
  50. .. music… music…
  51. A life full of magnificent experiences

This was a very enlightening experience, You should try it! don’t force yourself to focus on the ‘deep’… Allow yourself to be grateful ‘in the moment’.


Written for that Wonderful World of Bloggers of which some of them are becoming a little like family.


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