Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

Wow! This one is an easy one….

“NO” to the Invisibility Helmet.

I do not want to buy an invisibility helmet. The thought of invisibility helmets even existing in the world causes me grimaces.

An invisibility helmet would be the tool of every stalker in the world.

Even those trying to use the helmet for the good of humanity… There are things that should be left private.

On the surface, it might be nice to know what other people are thinking and saying about certain topics in the world around us… That premise is dangerously naive.

I think that this tool would trounce and obliterate the privacy laws. This ‘gadget’ should be banned. (Sorry to those of you who have wasted your dreams and money for this hideously intrusive instrument. The next ring on the doorbell of your home will be Homeland Security coming to collect and immediately detonate each and every invisibility helmet.)

“No” to the Anywhere Door.

‘An anywhere door’ seems like a great gift. I suspect there are limitations on the anywhere door. I suspect that this door is limited to travel in the present realm. While this is an awesome gift to possess… the limitations automatically placed on this gift by the newer version… the time machine… means that the gift of an anywhere door is obsolete even before it is opened.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” to the Time Machine.

The present to buy this year would definitely be the time machine. In this machine, you have all the capabilities of an anywhere door for present day travel, but you can also adventure into the future, or sojourn back into time.

The time machine, when properly used, could not only alleviate many of the ills of society… This machine would be of great historical and archeological value.

That is what I want for Christmas this year. … … a time machine.

I promise to only use it for helping mankind! (And enjoy limited excursions ‘around the block’ of this universe and beyond).

Written for The Daily Post: December 9, 2015.Pick Your Gadget


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