You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?


 The power to change the laws of nature… What a rush!

I do not have to think at all about this super power that I wish to bestow upon myself.

I want the ability to fly.

Yep!!! …. The “Up … Up … And Away …” kind of flying like Superman!

This would be good for the world in so many ways.

I have a very busy schedule. This would mean that there would be far less wasted time on the road between important events.

I could get more sleep. It would only take five minutes to get to work.

I could eat more nutritious meals. Having time to visit eh grocery store daily for fresh fruits and vegetables (and meats) would allow more time in the kitchen to pretend that I was a chef.

It would allow me more time to exercise… although, maybe with the new super power… there would not be the need to strengthen the heart muscles and stamina.

I suspect, MORE exercise will be needed. I will be using my muscles even less with the flying? There always seems to be a black lining in every gift of magical powers???

The final plus… The new Save the World beatniks will love me… I will not be adding to the carbon build-up (my personal footprint) in the atmosphere with many of my travels. (Although, since this superpower has not been tested… one cannot be sure of this claim?)

As you can tell… My new superpower is being used in a very personal- some might even call it… selfish) way. That is not true.

My aspirations in life are always to make the world a better place. Therefore, the more of me the world can experience, the better place the world has a chance of evolving into being.

(Egotistical snobs drive me up a wall?)


Written for The Daily Post, December 11, 2015.

If I Ruled the World


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