Mountain Dew

Hate to Love

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.


 Once again, we are asked to reveal to the entire blogging world our secrets.

The least they could do is grant us some consolation for these intimate shares?

The guilty pleasure that I presently ‘hate to love’ is my addiction to my cherished soft drinks.

My addiction of choice would be Code Red Mountain Dew. I have stepped away from the ultimate addiction. I have not had that beloved drink for several years. I have been happy with the lower octane version … Mountain Dew with Real Sugar.

As I take another more mature step in the responsibilities of adult life… which can be very difficult going on sixty… I am now monitoring my soda intake.

I allow myself one soda a day.

I am even charting my liquid intake to be sure that I do not trade one guilty pleasure for another- possibly even worse- one.

I am sure in just a few more days… two weeks at the most… Mother WordPress will ask us for another confessional experience.

I’ll give you an up-date on my progress, then.

Written for The Daily Post: December 13, 2015.

Hate to Love

2 thoughts on “HATE TO LOVE

  1. I haven’t looked at The Daily Post as being our priest but I think you hit the nail on the head. They want a deep look into our pasts, maybe homeland security, huh? These confessionals could start making a person like me end up with emotional problems. I hate to start going to counseling at my age.

    You’ve done great giving up on the Mountain Dew and now having only one a day, congratulations..

    You’ve done great giving up on the Mountain Dew and now having only one a day, congratulations..

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