THE ARROW… One of my favorite TV COMIC series of all time.

The Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, (played by Stephen Amell) is the metaphorical human.

  • He wants what is best for those he loves.
  • He has made mistakes and a secret past that often gets in the ways of the decisions he has to make about his future.
  • He fails to tell those he loves that they are important to him on any kind of regular basis. (Therefore, he constantly loses the girl.) This happens so often that you find yourself not even rooting for him to succeed in the relationships?
  • He does not ask for help, even when he knows that he should.
  • He has a hero complex of self-success. The Green Arrow (Oliver) against the world… and the world can be made a better place.

All of us mere mortals have a combination of those faults. The Green Arrow personifies each of these faults to the max!

Moira Queen, Oliver’s mother (played by Susanna Thompson), is a self-made woman. Now a single mother. Early in the series she is on trial for attempting to destroy ‘the world’ before her humanity catches up with her. (I hated her throughout the series. I was glad when …. spoiler alert!)

I found myself rooting for the honesty and integrity of John Diggle, Oliver’s bodyguard and co-crime-fighter, (played by David Ramsey). Throughout the series, John shows humankind at its best!

I also enjoyed Felicity Smoak, the computer-hacker/crime-stopper (played by Emily Bett Richards). Her love for Oliver is real and the hurts from the love seem very real-to-life.

My favorite new character to the series is Ray Palmer, the new president of Queen Consolidated (played by Brandon Routh). His zeal for becoming the next ‘scientific’ superhero is ingenious.

I could name a list of ‘bad guys’ … all of which are fictionalized excellently. You will grow to hate every one of them!

If you have not seen the series…. It is presently on NETFLIX… It is worth the couch-potato time.


  1. The Green Arrow sounds like a very interesting character.
    Our household is so far behind on movies and television, we may as well not think about trying to get into it now. We went to our last movie at a theater in 1976. We’ve never rented a movie from the video store. Two years ago we moved into an apartment here in town so I signed up for dish television, but all we get is the basic family plan, I told them I wasn’t interested in movie channels, not for another $70 a month. I do wish I would’ve gotten some of the sports coverage but don’t seem to find the time to watch television anyhow.
    Keep up your work on your friction writing, good stuff.

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