The Luckiest People

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

 “Encounter” … an unexpected experience … a confrontation … a chance meeting with …

It is almost 2 pm today and I have yet to encounter anyone.

I have seen people in a parking lot … spoken with cashier at a checkout line … even nodded to a butcher as he was completing his price reductions for the morning customers. But according to the definition of encounter … a meeting between two people has to be unexpected, confrontational, or a chance meeting with a known friend.

None of these things happened today.

I will soon have a friend from years back visit for the holidays… but this visit has been planned weeks in advance. (And I certainly hope it is not confrontational?)

I have had no encounters today.

It would be great to have a visit from friends for the holidays that is unplanned? Not since I cannot ‘know’ about a chance encounter… I therefore cannot write about such hoped for encounter…

I guess the luckiest person today is ME. I am having a completely personal “me” day. Those are very nice to have.


Written for The Daily Post: November 27, 2015. 


5 thoughts on “THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE

  1. “A completely personal, “me” day”. That sounds like the best holiday gift a person could ever have…a break from holiday grind and some peace and quiet! And avoid those Black Friday maniacs, at all costs! Thanks for the laugh, and the words of wisdom.

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