Manelo Manganeze


Manelo Manganeze

He was skilled. Of that, there was no doubt.

Many thought that he was the most gifted artisan of glass sculpture that had ever lived.

At the Who’s Who of the Aristocrats private galas, the Chateau d’Yquem was only allowed to be served in stemware crafted by Manganeze.

Those who did not, or could not, were shunned.

But as everyone knows, or they should know, with such genius comes eccentricities.

Manelo Manganeze was not immuned to this rule.

He loved his labors. This was not bizarre. But his passions crossed into fanaticism as his desire to craft his entire world began to become exclusionistic.

His bedchambers (divan, dressers, closet doors) were are created of glass crafted by him.

His mansion was soon expanded with walls crafted by blown-glass.

His family became worried that his peculiarities had become destructive when his pets were euthanized and replaced with hand-blown, life-sized, crystal figurines.


Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Requirements: Using the photo prompt create a 100-150 flash fiction story.


5 thoughts on “Manelo Manganeze

  1. He sounds like a real eccentric – that’s for sure – living in a “glass” house. Yes, I would say he became destructive when he had his pets euthanized. I wasn’t expecting that ending. Very intriguing story Roger! Come to think of it, that white peacock does remind me of glass figurines. I like your spin on the prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

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