Photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com (free to use photos).
Photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com (free to use photos).


Mom had always said my sis was a girl who thought outside of the box.

After attending traffic court for the fourth time in four months, all for parking illegally in front of her newly-established collectables shop downtown, Sarah had said she had had enough.

The tow-away tickets had been given for parking for more than 20 minutes in a delivery zone. On many mornings, Sarah found that she could not both unload her car and meet-and-greet her business clientele on her busy days.

She was constantly accruing fines.

While doing her due diligence at the court law office, Sarah stumbled on an antiquated advertising ordinance. The first seven founding businesses were allowed to be set up daily street venues as a gratuity granted them for helping establish their downtown business presence. This gratuity was grandfathered into each building site as long as there was a business establishment on the premises.

My Moonlighting Sis, had found her legal loop-hole!

Gone is the stockpile of parking citations….

Now, Sarah doesn’t even bother to unload the car.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 150-175 word flash fiction story.

4 thoughts on “A SURPRISE GRATUITY

  1. This is just hilarious, and serves as an antidote to all the legal hokum and bunkum we all have to put up with in our lives, on the news, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum. More power to your sis, and thanks to you for the mucho fabulous story about personal empowerment in the face of legal idiocy!

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