Spend a Week (or Two…or Three…) in Washington, D.C.


Spend a Week (or Two…or Three…) in Washington, D.C.

Writing 101

Day 2

Directions: Create a list

I would love to visit Washington, D.C. and stay for several days each visit to see a few of these sites:

  • The Washington Memorial
  • The Lincoln Memorial
  • The Jefferson Memorial
  • The National World War II Memorial
  • The Vietnam Memorial
  • The Korean War Memorial
  • The Martin Luther King Memorial
  • The FDR Memorial
  • The Enteral Light at the Kennedy Memorial
  • The Arlington Cemetery
  • The Changing of the Guard
  • Mount Vernon: Home of George Washington
  • The United States Capital
  • Congress in Session
  • A visit with my state’s leaders
  • The Supreme Court
  • The Court in Session
  • The United States Holocaust Museum
  • The White House
  • The Library of Congress
  • The National Archives and The Declaration of Independence
  • The Ford Theater and the Assassination Walking Tour of Lincoln
  • The Smithsonian: Anacostia Community Museum
  • The Smithsonian: The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
  • The Smithsonian: The Freer Gallery of Art
  • The Smithsonian: The Art and Institute Building
  • The Smithsonian: Cooper-Hewitt The National Design Museum
  • The Smithsonian: The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
  • The Smithsonian: The National Air and Space Museum
  • The Smithsonian: The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
  • The Smithsonian: The National Museum of African American History and Culture
  • The Smithsonian: National Museum of African Art
  • The Smithsonian: National Museum of American History
  • The Smithsonian: National Museum of the American Indian
  • The Smithsonian: The George Gustav Heye Center
  • The Smithsonian: National Museum of Natural History
  • The Smithsonian: The National Portrait Gallery
  • The Smithsonian: National Postal Museum
  • The Smithsonian: The Renwick Gallery
  • The Smithsonian: The American Art Museum
  • The Smithsonian: The National Zoo
  • The FBI Building
  • The Pentagon
  • The Bureau of Engraving
  • The National Spy Museum
  • Rock Creek Park and the Planetarium
  • The National Arboretum
  • The National Geographic Museum
  • Cedar Hill: The Home of Fredrick Douglas
  • The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land

I am sure that there are more things to see…. But I would love to have a morning or an afternoon at each one of these to visit and  photograph. I would enjoy the ambiance of these historic places.

Written for Writing 101: WordPress.com.

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