You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

If I were to be locked in a room with my biggest fear… what would it be?

Spiders!!!   SPider!!!   SPIders!!!   SPIDers!!!   SPIDErs!!!   SPIDERs!!!   SPIDERS!!!

Not just you basic grand-daddy-long-legs… Although, I do prefer a dead granddaddy longlegs to a living one?

The spider that is the most unpleasant spider to think about… And I am even getting the heebie-jeebies sitting here thinking and typing about it…  The terrifying WOLF SPIDER!

A wolf spider can grow to be up to two inches in length. They are not the tiny-legged creatures as their bathtub-dwelling granddaddy longlegs. They are strongly, muscular creatures that can travel two feet in one second. They travel faster than many people walk!

They have three rows of eyes that can see in all four directions. Cool! Shine a flashlight at a wolf spider in the dark… Its two largest eyes glow in the dark!!!! NOT COOL!

Where there is one wolf spider… there are thousands. One mother wolf spider can give birth to 365 spiders in one litter. A female wolf spider is a great mother. It will continue to assist its young for up to six months!

The male spider lives for only a year. (Good News!)

The female spider can life for several years!!! (Yeeks!)

At this rate of great parenting and reproductive aptitude… If you see one wolf spider, there are probably at least 70,000 others there in hiding!


I need to go take a shower.

I itch all over! 

Please, Lord… Don’t let there be a granddaddy longlegs in the tub!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “1984.”

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