“Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.” The guide had been rambling on for the last three hours. I could not believe Mom had coerced us into this tourist trap. But my ears perked when I heard hidden castle.

Robbie looked at me as I looked at him; we both began a gradual sliding away from the crowd.

Arriving aft, we jumped overboard.

The engines to the tour barge were so loud; no one was the wiser.

Within minutes we were paddling along the island.

“There,” Robbie found entry before I did.

It was well hidden, but you could see the surveillance cameras on one of the artificial poles… A great job at camouflage, but we were both masters at Hidden Pictures in the Highlights.

Out of the water and with great stealth circling the trees, we neared the doorway.

I chuckled, “I can pick this with Ma’s credit card.”

I did.

We immediately entered.

Lights activated all over the place. Before us were standing two smiling guards.



By our elbows, we were escorted into a waiting station. Video monitors were along the far wall. Our adventure was being replayed. I guess security was much better than we had assumed.

There must have been a reason for all those No Trespassing postings at the edge of the shore.

Written for Monday’s Finish That Story: Requirements: Create a 100-150 words flash fiction story using the photo prompt and the included first line… “Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.” (LATE! This one was not entered!) (PLUS… It went to the 200 mark. LATE and a RULE BREAKER! Whoops?)

6 thoughts on “‘HIDDEN’ ESCAPADES

  1. “Arriving aft, we jumped overboard.

    The engines to the tour barge were so loud; no one was the wiser.

    Within minutes we were paddling along the island.”

    Paddling or swimming? Jumped overboard with raft? I shouldn’t try to pick fly poop out of the pepper, with my background!
    Like your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I never liked school, or wanted to spend much time there. The outdoors has been my life. I lived with SCI for many years it has constantly been robbing me of the ability to do things. I made my first attempts at writing a few years ago with the knowledge I might be stuck in a chair someday. I would then have the writing to keep my mind working anyhow. Maybe just a dream I guess but I do get some fulfillment out of it. Just seems like something comes into my mind and I want to share it. WordPress has their assignments or daily posts. That help an ever-growing need for learning. I know I need to do a lot of growing before I get my first Pulitzer Prize. HA HA HA and HA HA

        Good luck with your writing. I will keep reading. Stay in touch.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much… If you enjoy writing short pieces of flash (only 100-200 words) try entering some of the challenges that I have entered. You can find them at the bottom of my flash pieces. I thought you might enjoy them?


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