Unabashed Guilt or Just Forgetfulness


Unabashed Guilt or Just Forgetfulness

Things were always moving around on my desk.

Sometimes I found them. Sometimes I didn’t.

There did seem to be a pattern to the nuisances…

It could have been a prank, but when there were due dates involved- it wasn’t very funny.

Seeing a home prank being set-up on America’s Funniest, I decided that I could do the same thing.

At least there would be proof if I were imagining these things, or if I had a ‘secret admirer’ seeking to cause me stress.

Thursday night, I was ready. Lights… Camera… Action.

Soon, I would know!

But then what?

Written for The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge (LATE! But I enjoy them, so I try to keep up anyway!)

Requirements: October 7, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a thief or a theft. Consider motives and repercussions. Is the act a matter of perception? Is it a daring maneuver or a desperate bid for survival? Think about different instances of stealing.


One thought on “Unabashed Guilt or Just Forgetfulness

  1. I appreciate that the prompts get used even after the date! Thank you! Your flash makes me think of my own desk! When I’m certain something’s gone missing, it turns up as a bookmark in my stack of books or misfiled or messy-filed. I’m my own thief. 🙂

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