?? The Unspoken ??

You call him racist, yet you never met the man.

You call him slaver, not taking into account the times.

You try to see a past world through the rose-colored glasses of the 21st century- instead of walking a mile in the shoes of the men and women in our household.


I hold you to account.


You have taken the time- and the monies- to study our lives…

Our deaths…

Even our final resting places…

Yet you fail to grant us the respect you claim he lacked.

You leave our graves unmarked.

To you… we are a tourist attraction?

Written for Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.

Requirements: The October 21, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a final resting place. You can take any perspective that appeals to you from the historic to the horrific. Just don’t scare me too greatly. You can also choose to write about those buried before they came to their final rest. An extra challenge is to discover a story or character from a local cemetery. I double-dog dare you to join me with your own cemetery day!

8 thoughts on “?? THE UNSPOKEN ??

  1. Powerful flash and one that brings up a very critical point when pondering the past. One must always consider the whole context of a particular period when attempting to understand any practice or convention. Not as a way to excuse any reprehensible custom or practice but to learn from it.

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  2. It’s too easy to have an opinion and use it as a filter. I often find that even in our modern nation, there are those who lack understanding from region to region. When looking to the past as a writer, I try to find common ground to begin with before I step into the strange edges of that time and place. Incredible flash!

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