3WW Week No. 449

“Fire me, will he?” Aaron muttered to himself as he waited for Jeff to close and lock Martin’s Garage.

It was later in the night- a little after 11pm. Aaron had planned to be home with his wife at 11:00. His alibi went to bed like clockwork. He would have to do something about her alarm tonight to cover himself.

“Jeff must have stayed to finish the two cars I had promised. Serves him right. We were never behind on getting the customers’ cars fixed.”

Aaron’s greasy overhauls still smelled of the afternoon’s work. Mechanics was his life. Cars, to him, were a labor of love. Without him, Jeff’ two-bit garage would have never gotten the quality reputation as it had. “Fat chance he’ll keep that reputation.”

A hellish grin settled on Aaron’s face as he bent to lift the twin canisters of gasoline. “Just because I had borrowed a little from the till. No reason to haul off and ignite World War III.”

With the thought of igniting a new war, Aaron stooped to push up the garage door. Those old doors never did fully lock.

Written for Three Word Wednesdays: Week 449. Requirements: With a piece of flash fiction using the required three words.

Greasy, adjective: covered with or resembling an oily substance, producing more body oils than average, containing or cooked with too much oil or fat, slippery, (of a person or their manner) effusively polite in a way that is felt to be insincere and repulsive.

Hellish, adjective: of or like hell, extremely difficult or unpleasant; adverb: extremely (used for emphasis).

Ignite, verb: catch fire or cause to catch fire, with obj.] arouse or inflame (an emotion or situation)


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