Right to Brag


Right to Brag

Tell us about something you (or a person close to you) have done recently (or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud.

I am a chart person.

I am a bold… proud… unabashedly… unashamed… chart-er!

I live my life by the chart.

My chores are listed on charts.

My recreational activities are listed on charts.

My meals are charted monthly.

The sporting events that I choose to follow are mapped out on a calendar for the entirety of a season. I even allocate plans for the championship tournaments- should the teams that I follow qualify.

My exercise regime is religiously coordinated and mapped.

It seems that I have everything mapped out for success.

There should be no way that failure would ever enter into the equation.

If there were only a way to enforce the personal obedience to one’s well-planned blueprints for achievement!

Yep…. It’s all under control…

It’s the follow through that is such a bear!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Right to Brag.”

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