What’s the best idea you’ve ever had? Regale us with every detail of the idea — the idea itself, where it came to you, and the problem it solved.

Where do I begin?

I have had so many brilliant ideas!

From the moment that I am supernaturally awakened by my robustly-fit body’s magnificently-synchronized, internal clock…

To the closing of my wizened eyelids at night for a well-earned night of rest…

I am full of inspired ideas.

Allow me to convey to you my three best:

Grocery stores should set themselves up as menu-planners. Each day of the week, each individual food-aisle should assemble a ready-to-cook meal that its shoppers can buy in one-serving portions. Having an appetizer, a salad, a meat, two vegetables, a dessert, and a specialty beverage rotated on a bi-weekly basis would greatly increase my chances at eating ‘real’ food. Since I am presently living as a single man, the single-serving entrées would allow me a better opportunity to watch my caloric intakes.

While shopping at my new-and-improved grocer, a separate set of employees could be serving my vehicle. Highly-skilled operatives would give my prized ride a quick check of the oil, tire inflation (and rotation, if necessary), an interior vacuum and exterior wash… along with toping-off the tank of gas. Upon exiting the store, my car would be glistening, awaiting a pleasurable ride home to feast on my well-balanced, delicious meal.

After my delectable meal, and my vehicle being serviced, it is time to encourage my own needs in heart management.  For my fitness regime, my home would be equipped with a state-of-the-art, wide-screen television- complete with web connections- to be strategically linked to a treadmill. As I walk/run/ trot the specified times and speeds, the television will allow me to watch my favorite shows. If my entertainment and fitness requirements were more closely intertwined, I would work-out longer and lapse into ‘couch potato’ status lounging a lot less.

As you can easily see… I am just full of beneficial and innovative ideas.

If only I could get Walmart on board!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brainwave.”

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